Interested in making some money and having fun doing it?

Do you live or work in or near North Jersey?

Are you willing to try new things and give your honest opinions about them?

At Partners In Research we connect you with companies that make the products you use. You get to try out new products, answer questionniares about them, and get paid for your opinions! Getting started is an easy 3-step process —

  1. Register in our database
  2. Look for an email from us & click the link in it to confirm that you want to take part in testing
  3. Complete some online profile questionnaires

Then keep an eye on your emails for invitations from us!

Most of our testing is done at our office in Totowa, and if you qualify for a test you'll be able to pick a time to come in, try a product, and answer some questions about it. When you're done testing you'll leave with your payment. Still have questions? Ready our FAQ for lots of answers!


When you register in our online database, your personal information is carefully protected. We never sell or share our database with any other companies. Your personal information is used solely for participating in consumer research at our facility.


Partners In Research strives to deliver quality and accuracy to all of our clients. In order to deliver the best results to our clients, we must make every effort to ensure our database is accurate. We must make sure that our panelists are being honest when registering and completing surveys with us. We cannot allow panelists to register more than once, falsify information, or misrepresent themselves in any other way. To ensure the integrity of our data, anyone suspected of any of the above, or any other action Partners In Research deems inappropriate or dishonest, may be permanently removed from our database and not allowed to participate in any future studies at our facility.


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